Monday 19 April 2004

i will remember the little people

[a copy of this post is also on it's a dog's blog]

Jasper's blog is famous! Well, perhaps not quite famous, but it did get a mention on Lip-sticking recently. The site's author (a very nice lady called Yvonne who is a business and technology writer) found this blog via an article in Lifetime Magazine (the people behind Lifetime TV in North America). Now while I'm absolutely tickled that someone thought this blog was worthy of a mention in a magazine article, it's a bit odd that the author of the article never got in touch to let me know about it. While the Internet has become somewhat more personal thanks to blogs and other online journals, it can still be quite impersonal as most readers remain anonymous.

Granted, we don't often drop letters to magazines, newspapers, and television programs letting them know that we're out there and we're watching/reading (unless we're the sort who generally spend a lot of time writing angry letters to their MPs, complaining about things like those loud kids who are bringing down the neighbourhood). I suppose online writing doesn't necessarily warrant that kind of response either. It really is nice when people stumble across my blog(s) and end up enjoying their visit. If you're one of these people, please do leave a comment or send me an email. It's great to see comments left by new people, even if they don't leave a name or simply go by a nickname. The Internet might be impersonal, but it can still be interactive. Go on, Jasper and I don't bite.

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