Saturday 17 April 2004

a new friend

I have just discovered an online tool called Fertility Friend. It's actually really quite interesting (if you find charting your temperature every day interesting - what can I say, I'm weird) and it's a good way to chart your monthly cycles. I've been jotting my morning temperature down in a chart next to my bed, but it wasn't really easy to tell what was going on (my aging eyes are failing me and all those little grid lines confuse me). Fertility Friend is pretty cool. It also provided a possible reason why I didn't get pregnant last month (I thought the timing was right, but it looks like we were a bit late), although I do understand that even if you get the timing absolutely spot on, you still only have a 20% change of getting pregnant each cycle.

Funny how us girls spend most of our lives trying not to conceive and when we do want to have a baby, it's like composing someone's astrological chart. Maybe the best plan is to pretend that you're 17, climb into the backseat of your partner's car, and imagine that you're late coming home and your parents are going to kill you. Guaranteed pregnancy, I bet.

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