Tuesday 6 April 2004

doing it for the osteopath

I went to see my osteopath today and he asked me the usual questions every time I see him: how has my progress been since we last met, am I feeling any pain at the moment, am I on any medication, etc. "Oh, and I might be pregnant", I mentioned rather casually. His eyes lit up and a smile spread across his friendly face. "Oooh! This is good news! Have you taken a home pregnancy test?" No, it's too early yet. "Are you feeling anything? Any symptoms?" No, it's probably still too early yet. "I wish you all the best! Remember to take your folic acid and try to do some stretching, and I won't do any acupuncture until the baby is more fully formed..." and so he went on during my appointment, making a bit of a fuss about me. Am I okay with lying on my stomach? Please let him know right away if I feel any discomfort or pain.

If I'm not actually pregnant, I think it'll break his heart.

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