Thursday 8 April 2004

look! behind you!

So I'm at Tesco last weekend and I decide to buy a pregnancy test kit...just in case. As I'm standing at the till, Pete from work comes bounding up to me congratulating me on our engagement (Paul was out front with Jasper and told him the good news). At that very moment, the cashier is trying to pry his way into the pregnancy kit, that's encased in several inches of bulletproof plastic. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch him pull on it, tap it against the counter, wedge it between his knees, and at same time, I'm showing Pete my ring and trying to keep his attention diverted from the pregnancy test. The cashier finally gets it out of the security casing, and the test trundles on its own down the conveyor belt towards Pete and I. Seeing the panic in my face, the cashier quickly picks up the test, and shoves it into my waiting hand so I can shove it in the bag without Pete noticing. Checkout relay at its best.

And no, I still don't feel pregnant.

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