Sunday 4 April 2004

spot the difference

How does a woman know she is pregnant (in the very early stage)? Apparently, she can experience any/none/some of the following: increased appetite, tender breasts/nipples, fatigue, nausea, moodiness, and cravings for certain foods. And this is different from the usual two weeks leading up to my period, how? Indeed. I know a few women who say that they knew they were pregnant almost immediately. I don't have that feeling, but I do have a rather large zit on my chin. My temperature went up the night of my birthday, then dipped back down again for the following two days, and has now risen ever so slightly (but not up to the usual temperature that tends to appear after I've ovulated). No, I have no idea what that means either. To be honest, I think the best thing I can do is just wait. No period in the next couple of weeks means it's time to pee on a stick and see what it says. Not very high tech, but sometimes it's better to keep things simple.

We wanted to be married before I got pregnant, but then changed our minds when we got engaged. The idea was to start trying now because it might take months (years, even) before I conceive. But now we're wondering what will happen if I get pregnant now or in the next couple of months. We're hoping for an Autumn wedding or sooner, and the last thing I want is to waddle down the aisle in a stretchy polyester muumuu. Do I want to be sober at the reception? Do I want to risk barfing on the best man during the ceremony if I'm suffering from morning sickness? Would we still be able to go on a honeymoon? Won't people think we're only getting married because I'm pregnant? What if our child grows up thinking the same thing?

But I do want to be pregnant and Paul will be thrilled no matter when it happens. This is going to be a long two weeks.

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