Tuesday 27 April 2004

picture perfect/fightin' fit

Right, all the pages containing photos are now back and have gone through a good Spring cleaning (see etc. links on the left). Now let us not speak of it again.

I am off to the gym tonight for the first time since January (that time of year when thousands of people vow to lose weight, go to a gym twice, and never step foot in a gym again.) Although I am going to try to stick to some sort of fitness routine, I still maintain that exercise is bad for you. People get sports injuries all the time, but you'll never hear someone say, "Ooooh my knuckles are really acting up after all that channel hopping I did last night" nor will you hear anyone on a nice comfy sofa declare that they are "feeling the burn". You don't get hurt by not moving around a lot and eating fine food (unless, of course, you choke on a chicken bone or eat bad clams). No one gets a hernia from sitting in the back garden drinking gin and tonics.

Still, I will go to the gym, I will feel the burn, and I will likely trip over something and/or pull a muscle. This is good for me...this is good for me...this is good for me...

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