Friday 16 April 2004

the shorter weeks always seem long

It's sunny and warm and gorgeous outside, and here I am in the office. If I ruled the world, people wouldn't have to work on sunny, warm, and gorgeous days in the UK (and other grey, wet countries).

Pond update: we spotted Wayne today, but so far all I've seen is his tail as he dives underwater. He must be shy. There is some green hairy horrible stuff growing in the pond this year. Could it be algae? It's really gross, whatever it is. We realised that we can't revamp and clean out the pond until the tadpoles have grown into frogs. It's a lot like waiting for your kids to grow up and get out of your house before you can remodel, but on a much shorter time scale.

Even though I vowed never to walk 13 miles through London in my bra at midnight for charity ever again, I will be taking part in a much less strenuous (and during a more civilised time of day) walk for cancer research. A few of us girls from work will be doing the Race for Life 5k walk in Cambridge on July 4th. I'll post a link for online donations here soon, and we'll be harassing our workmates in person in the near future.

Have a lovely, sunshiny weekend, everyone.

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