Tuesday 3 September 2002

rubberband girl

My hamstrings feel like rubberbands that had a few inches cut off and been retied. I cannot straighten my legs and this is two days after doing the demon exercise. I only remembered today that I also did an hour of gardening and weeding before the yoga and skipping, so I should probably blame myself for the pain I'm feeling today. Nah, I'll keep blaming the exercise.

I've switched my mobile service from Vodafone (who are evil) to Orange (who are slightly less evil, but still somewhat menacing). For some bizarre reason, I could never get a decent phone signal in my house unless I stood in the kitchen and faced south. I'm not joking. Paul uses Orange and has no problems getting a signal here at all, so I decided to transfer my number over and join him in the class of people who can use their phones within a 10 mile radius of my village. Soon you will be able to ring my mobile and I will actually be able to speak to you without trying to spout out, "Call me back on my landline!! My mobile doesn't work in my hou..." Bzzzzzzzzzz... Of course with the new contract comes a new phone. Yeah, it's gold but it was free with the contract and it's got a funky little colour screen.

Work news: the heat was switched off but it was still a kajillion degrees in our room today because there was no air circulation happening at all. Two authors and a localisation specialist reported sleepiness and general feelings of discomfort. The cleaners seemed to have found our room. Clean bins ensued.

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