Monday 2 September 2002

being inflexible

So in an attempt to get the last bit of this flab off me, a bullet was bitten and exercise occurred yesterday. Now I can't move, which only goes to prove my theory that exercise isn't really very good for you. Who knew that innocuous sounding activities such as yoga and skipping could hurt so much? Don't be fooled! They will tear your hamstrings and rip your calves apart! Ah, but this will all pay off eventually. It better.

Restaurant 22 was fantastic, even though they did the "nouveau cuisine" thing by putting smallish amounts of food on enormous plates. I had the smoked haddock and smoked salmon on a potato rosti with horseradish sauce to start, followed by a small green salad (my favourite kind), and grilled monkfish with lovely crisp veggies for the main course. Dessert was a pastry type thing filled with a kind of whipped cream/soft cheese topped with fresh fruit. We had plenty of wine, but as planned, not enough to get to the point where Pot Noodle would have seemed like a gourmet dinner. Great restaurant and would definitely go back again.

Saturday we headed down to Lakeside for some chair shopping and a trip to Ikea - so now this makes 6 Ikeas on my worldwide tour of Swedish furniture retail stores (I forgot about the Ikea in Newcastle in my last list). After much shopping, determining that Essex girls were scarier than Northampton lasses, and a yummy pizza dinner at the stylish Pizza Hut, we headed back to Cambridgeshire.

Sunday we saw the film "Insomnia", which was brilliant. Bleak, trancelike, and wonderfully written, by the same director of "Memento" (do run out and rent it if you've not seen it already). We also watched "Silence of the Lambs" and "Trainspotting", two of my DVDs that I haven't watched in ages. I think I got Paul hooked on the Gamecube game "Luigi's Mansion", 'cos I swear I kept hearing the background music for it whenever I was out of the living room for extended periods of time. Maaaaariooooooo!

We got our plane tickets to Toronto for the Christmas holidays - hooray! Yes, it's a bit early but the fares go up almost on a daily basis so we decided to book now while the price is only moderatly unreasonable (as opposed to insanely expensive, which it'll be in about a month or so). This year, high season starts Dec. 14 and goes all the way to Jan. 6. Even the British Airways lady was surprised (high season is usually a lot shorter), but when you're only one of two airlines that fly to Canada from the UK, you can pretty much charge whatever the hell you want. And they do. I did manage to pay �100 less than last year, which was good. Roll on December to the land of cheap shopping and homecooked meals!

Work news: the heat is on full blast in this room for no apparent reason. We have new bread in the kitchen (Hovis Best of Both - hurrah!). The fruit man hasn't arrived yet. Once again, no one has stolen any of my food out of the fridge. The cleaners haven't been in this room for over a week and my bin is starting to get scary.

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