Monday 9 September 2002

driving along in my automobile

So I made it to Chalfont without getting lost, getting killed, or getting sworn at. Hurrah! The M25 really wasn't very scary - particularly due to the fact that I seldom went above 30mph. Traffic seems far less menacing when it's going past you at the speed of an anemic go kart. It is a vile stretch of motorway; seldom moving and always full of people who suddenly forget how to drive. It's the latter that worried me, and I wasn't too keen on spending any amount of time on a major motorway with the insane drivers I've seen on that road before. It ended up being fine, and the drive was uneventful and boring for the most part. It's just nice to have done the journey without a hitch, and to build up my UK driving confidence. Man, I am so good at roundabouts now, it's scary.

We saw "Bourne Identity" this weekend, which we both really enjoyed. It's got the woman from "Run Lola Run" in it, and I think she's fantastic.

Exciting travel news: we're off to Dublin in November! Well, I think we are, anyway - if Paul's Mum's birthday bash doesn't conflict with the weekend we want to go, we'll be off to the land of Guinness. Those of you who know me fairly well know that I'm a big James Joyce fan, so when Paul asked if I was interested in going to Dublin, I think I was more than just a little excited about it. I'm absolutely thrilled as I've been wanting to visit Dublin for years, and the fact that I'll be going with Paul makes it even better. Happy girl, me.

Exciting work-related travel news: I might be going to our office in Fort Lauderdale! Okay, so it's not exactly high up on my places to visit but I've never been, it'll be hot and sunny, and I'll pick up some cheap clothes and stuff. Our team are supposed to be heading over to the Florida office the last week of this month, so if all is approved, we'll be sipping orange juice in the sunshine for a few days. Erm...I mean, we'll be busy with important meetings and definitely not drinking a lot of whisky in Phil's hotel room. 'Cos that would be wrong.

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