Friday 27 September 2002


I went to an osteopath this morning for the first time, and it was cracking. Specifically, my back, shoulders, and neck were cracked by my lovely osteopath, Sally. Yowch. I've always got upper back/shoulder/neck pain (one of the consequences of working on a computer all day long and having crap posture), but this has also now migrated down to my lower back and as an added bonus, I get headaches on a semi-regular basis. My concerned boyfriend suggested that I see an osteopath, so I got a name from my mate Micky as I knew he was seeing one close to my village. I am in quite a bit of pain at the moment, but Sally assures me that I'll be feeling fantastic after a few more sessions. I'm also slightly concerned about the fact that whenever I stretch or rotate my head now, I can hear things go *crack crack crack*.

I'm sure this is all good for me. Oh how I would love a hot bubble bath right now. And a very large glass of wine. Mmmm.

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