Monday 23 September 2002

met the parents

I had a really nice weekend with Paul's Mum and Dad, and yeah, I think they liked me. Pretty sure they did, anyway. ;) They are fantastic - very warm, funny, and Paul's Mum makes the best Sunday roast lunch ever. I also met Paul's cousin and her kids, and his oldest brother and sister in law. Honestly, and I'm not trying to score brownie points here, they were all really fabulous. I was sad to leave Kent yesterday; it was just so nice to be around a family doing family things like dinners and days out. There was something about the house that reminded me so much of being at my Grandma and Grandpa's in St. Catharines. Maybe because it was spotless, and filled with photos and the smell of roasted chicken, it just felt like home and it was lovely.

Today it's back to the old grind and off to try out a new gym (new as in new to me) tonight. Paul's on holiday all week, which means he gets to annoy me in the morning by chanting "I don't have to go into work today!" Bah.

Pictures from our weekend excursions can be seen here.

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