Thursday 26 September 2002

got some 'splainin to do

Right, for my non-UK readers, here's a little explanation of The Fast Show (here's a site that'll give you an idea of what it's about). It's a sketch comedy show that ran here up until a couple of years ago, similar to the "quirky" sense of humour you'd find in something like the Canadian programme Kids in the Hall (sorry, can't think of an American equivalent). This is The Fast Show's last live tour, so this is such a huge deal for me to be going. I first caught the show at a friend's house during my first visit to England in 1999 (and Harry Enfield as well - another good 'un), and fell on the floor laughing. You can walk up to almost anyone in this country and say things like "Suit you, sir" (it's even a chain of men's wear shops), "Monkfiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!", "Which was nice", "Today, I will be mostly...", "With my reputation", "I was very, very drunk", and "Scorchio!", and people will know what you're on about. In fact, a lot of these lines work their way into conversations on a regular basis - that's how popular this programme was. Johnny Depp is a big fan; he made a guest appearance on the show, and based his "Sleepy Hollow" accent on a Fast Show character called Swiss Tony.

It's hard to describe a comedy programme without being able to show you clips, but trust me. It's frickin' funny.

In other strange news, once again, I seem to be rid of that cold. What is it about me and these one day colds? Bizarre.

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