Tuesday 24 September 2002

no pain, no pain

Last night marked the inevitable Return to the Gym as I trundled off to sweat for an hour after work. The gym I tried out wasn't bad - it didn't have the large screens forcing you to watch boy bands and Britney like my last gym, which is a good thing. It's a no frills place to go and exercise; no fancy equipment, the walls are painted a simple bright yellow, and there's no caf�, juice bar, or shop full of overpriced gym gear. It's a big room with equipment, plus a studio for aerobics and yoga. That's it. That's fine, though. Now I can go back to yoga classes once a week and I've got a place to burn some fat and lift heavy things. As an added bonus, I'm not in agony today.

Making my way to Northampton after work today, and heading into our Chalfont office tomorrow. I'm only really going for the pub lunch.

Work related news: the cleaners forgot us again last week but seemed to have found us last night. The air conditioning is working extremely well in this room today, which would be good news if it wasn't freezing outside. Gary's going to grow enormous sideburns. Haven't seen Pete so far this week, am getting worried. I don't know why Dave has labelled his food in the fridge 'cos it's not like anyone's gonna steal it. I mean come on, it's ham flavoured Quorn slices for goodness sake.

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