Thursday 5 September 2002

a good reception

Wahoooo the Orange phone has a nice, strong signal everywhere in my house! Meanwhile, the old phone sits in my kitchen, facing south, with its pathetic 1 1/2 bars showing next to the signal icon. Feh.

Tomorrow is free cake day at work, which would be a lot more exciting if I actually ate any of the cakes. Instead, I try to behave myself and sit with my 1/2 pint of cranberry juice and enjoy the company of my esteemed colleagues, while they wave bear claws around on their fingers and make fun of the intern's mole. I do enjoy the social aspect of cake day; it's always good fun to see people in high spirits because it's Friday and they're really full of sugar.

I'm following Paul to Northampton in my car tomorrow because I'll be working at our office in Chalfont on Monday (he's an hour closer, so it makes more sense for me to leave from his house). This marks a few milestones: it'll be the furthest I've ever driven in this country, I may have to drive on a motorway, and it'll be fun to see if I can find the office considering I have absolutely no sense of direction. Watch me end up in Brixton by mistake. Ah, I've got an A-Z of Britain and an automobile club card - I'll be fine.

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