Thursday 5 September 2002

almost orange

New phone arrived today. Hurrah! My number won't be transferred over from Vodafone until the 12th. Boo! Until then, I can either use my old phone/Vodafone network or I can use the new phone/temporary number on the Orange network. At least I'll be able to see if I can get a signal in my house.

Hamstring update: still a bit sore, but much better after sitting on Paul's floor and stretching last night. Will attempt further torture exercise tonight.

Work news: the air conditioning system is being looked at today. In the meantime, it's like an ice rink in here. Polar bears are frolicking next to me. No cheese in the fridge today. Banana supply getting very low, which is odd because they're still bright green. People must be taking them to ripen in their desk drawers. Lack of Pete has made this office very quiet lately. Too quiet.

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