Friday 10 March 2006

shocked and dismayed in godmanchester

I quite enjoy the television programme "Ready Steady Cook", especially if you hit the mute button whenever Ainsley opens his mouth. For those of you not in the know, it's like a game show where contestants bring in a bag of ingredients (usually costing less than £5) and celebrity chefs have to whip up a few dishes in under 20 minutes. I always found it quite impressive, particularly when contestants would bring in bags containing things like pickled eggs and Mars bars. Before the chefs begin, contestants explain why they chose the items they brought in while the chefs wrack their brains thinking up ideas. Then they cook like the dickens and end up with around four or more different dishes, and the audience votes on which chef's food looks tastiest. With me so far?

Right, so, yesterday I made a horrifying discovery. Contestants do not actually pick what they bring! A message posted by a former contestant to the BBC web site stated that she didn't get to choose the items in her bag and had to make up reasons why she included these items. I started to get suspicious a few weeks ago when one of the chefs said "I was thinking about this in the car on the way over..." when he was considering what to make. Now how would he be able to think about something he supposedly hasn't seen yet? Eh? EH?


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