Tuesday 7 March 2006

i thank yew!

I have always maintained that the most useful (and supportive) advice I've ever come across has been from other mothers. Many thanks for all the replies to my last post, you lovely mums. You will always be infinitely superior to those bloody "Your Baby This Month" emails from which I really should unsubscribe.

I think my concern was more about Jack's non-verbal communication more than his first words, because I'm sure that many babies don't talk at his age. Jack doesn't point, wave, clap, shake or nod his head, which I thought he would be doing by now. I'll definitely keep up the question asking and the Let's Point Everything Out and Make Associated Noises game, though. My barnyard animal impressions are usually a big hit during suppertime.

Jack's latest fascination seems to be with nose picking - not his; everyone else's. If he is within reach of your nose, he will take one pointed finger and proceed to poke it up your nostril. This is not limited to people around him either, he'll also try to pick the noses of people on television. I dread to think how many noses his finger has been in by the time he comes home from nursery.

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