Thursday 16 March 2006

donuts. is there anything they can't do?

I kept meaning to try a Krispy Kreme doughnut just to see what all the hubbub was about. We finally got a shop near my parents in Mississauga, which we travelled past several times a few years ago but never managed to go into. We passed many Krispy Kreme outlets on our American travels, but didn't go inside. I stood outside of the Krispy Kreme in Bluewater, but the queue was enormous and I was hugely pregnant at the time. I couldn't stand in one spot for long, not even for a doughnut. Last Christmas, I vowed to finally get a taste of that deep fried goodness, but once again, we merely passed it on the way to and from various shopping excursions. So finally, my friend Susan offered to bring some doughnuts to me after visiting her mum in London. After several years, I finally bit into a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

It was pretty good, but kind of weird. More cakey than doughy like a regular doughnut, and incredibly sweet (which is a common thing I noticed about most American foods since moving here). I had a Tim Horton's doughnut when we drove from Toronto to Montreal, which I preferred. It's likely got more to do with what I'm used to rather than what actually tastes better. Speaking of doughnut shops, I asked my brother-in-law where cops hang out in this country as there are very few doughnut shops. He wasn't sure, so answers on a postcard, please.

I was telling my friend Em today that I seldom have non-baby things to blog about, and it's a real struggle to come up with something for this blog...which should be painfully obvious from today's post. Please feel free to clink any one of the links on the left for more riveting reading.

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