Friday 24 March 2006

come home - all is forgiven

Oh Summer, where have you gone? Do you remember the days when you'd shine brightly upon us, bathing us in your sunny goodness? I fondly recall when I'd open our French doors, sit outside sipping wine and watch my husband grill something on the barbeque. We'd turn the music up and ignite our citronella tea lights (that fizzle out after an hour or two), switch on my funky fairy lights, and listen to toads procreate in our pond. We spent long evenings with you, watching dragonflies gobble up mosquitoes, periodically spotting the weird neighbour kid bouncing up and down on that godforsaken trampoline. We lit the chiminea and sat in front of it all night, coming in smelling of smoke and covered in ash.

Oh Summer, where have you gone? I want to switch off the boiler and wear strappy sandals. I want to put my heavy coat and boots away. I want to change togs on our duvet. I want to enjoy frozen alcoholic beverages without needing to put on a sweater.

Summer, please come back. Isn't the southern hemisphere done with you yet?

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