Friday 3 March 2006

i know, i know, i know

I am usually not the fretful type. I often complain about The Very, Very Annoying Books - pregnancy and baby books - that insist that at certain months, certain milestones "should" be reached. I tend not to read them simply because they make me cranky.

So having said all that, something is starting to bother me a bit. Jack doesn't really communicate with us, and I'm starting to wonder if we should be doing something to encourage this. I'm starting to get concerned because he doesn't make many gestures (like pointing, clapping, waving, etc.) or sounds particular to an object or person. He constantly "babbles", making all sorts of random sounds like he's having a conversation with himself in a foreign language. I don't think he's said any words that he associates with something specific, like "dada" for Paul. He'll flap his arm up and down when he's annoyed, but doesn't point or reach for whatever it is he wants. I suppose to say he doesn't communicate is inaccurate; it just doesn't seem to be getting more specific yet.

I think it's got to do with the desire to spot some sort of sign that Jack is trying to interact with me. I hold things up and tell him what they are, in that over-enunciated manner we normally reserve for non-English speakers and the elderly. I ask him questions and wait for an answer, as he glances at me with a frown and carries on chewing the remote. I sing to him, make all sorts of animal noises ("Dog! Woof!"), and read books to him. I point excitedly at objects and gasp, "Look! What's that?!", which usually causes the dog to come bounding into the room because he thinks something really exciting is happening, while Jack makes an escape to investigate the washing machine.

Maybe he is communicating with me, after all. He's probably trying to tell me to leave him alone and stop being insane.

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