Wednesday 8 March 2006

just don't call me a b*tch

You know how dogs experience phantom pregnancies? I think I'm going through that right now. I know that I'm not pregnant (really), but I keep having symptoms that I haven't experienced since I was carrying Jack. I had heartburn for almost a week (which I never experienced before I was pregnant, and it went away when Jack was a week old), I've been nauseous off and on for a while now, I've had non-PMT weeks where I've suddenly bloated one size up, strong cravings, weird dreams, the whole lot. I have been having this recurring dream in which I find out that I'm pregnant, then I go into a panic because I realise that I've been taking numerous cold tablets, asthma inhalers, and other very bad things for teeny tiny babies. It's all been a bit weird.

So many people I know are pregnant right now - I must be experiencing sympathy pregnancy. Give me your nausea, your bloating, your cravings for dill pickle popcorn. I will feel it with you! I truly am very much looking forward to being pregnant again - scared witless about quite a few things, but looking forward to it nonetheless. It's just that I've got to get into better shape before this happens. I have a theory that the high blood pressure at the end of my last pregnancy (thus leading to intervention and the c-section) may have been due to being very overweight. Well, that and being stressed out by numerous people forcing me to pee into a plastic jug for 24 hours and sticking me with needles, unsuccessfully attempting to draw blood. But I digress. The plan this time is to slim down to a healthy weight, get into shape and get my heart as fit as possible, and hopefully avoid a repeat of last time. Ideally, I've got about 7-14 lbs. left to lose (the weight ticker above is really the countdown to my first goal) and lots of running and weight training to do. Then I think it'll be time to start trying for Jack's sibling before I get too old to be bothered.

Perhaps this phantom pregnancy is a trial run? I'll pass on the 'roids, thanks.

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