Wednesday 29 March 2006

it's a mystery

On Friday, I'm being whisked away for a birthday meal at a mystery location, which I've been informed is "somewhere nice". I've bought a fancy new frock and everything. All I know is that we're heading for my in-laws' earlier in the day and we're taking advantage of their free childminding services that evening. How very exciting!

Every year since my Rome/engagement birthday surprise weekend, Paul reminds me that the current birthday won't be quite as elaborate. It really doesn't matter, though - I'm the kind of girl who thinks Pizza Hut or a good burger makes for a scintillating dining experience. I'm thrilled by meals cooked by other people (especially Paul), my idea of heaven is a lie-in, and my favourite day trip is to the seaside. I'm a simple gal, really. Buy me a 2kg bar of Toblerone and you're my friend for life. Send me Kraft Dinner and Peanut Butter Cups from home and I'll love you forever. Clean my house and I'll be permanently indebted to you.

But just because my affection can be bought with prepackaged macaroni products, I'm not easy, just so you know.

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