Wednesday 1 March 2006

drown me in syrup and call me a flapjack

Every year I bang on about weird English pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and this year, I am pleased to announce, is no different. Okay fine, I'll accept the fact that many Europeans enjoy the thinner crepe-like pancake as opposed to our North American fat n' fluffy variety. Crepes are nice, especially when you slather them with Nutella and stuff them full of bananas. What I cannot get my head around is the concept of Jif lemon as a pancake topping. For those of you not in the know, Jif lemons are those plastic squeezy lemons filled with lemon juice often found in the fruit and veg section. English people like to put this stuff on their crepey pancakes and sprinkle sugar on them. Good lord people, WHY? You can get maple syrup here - use it! Enjoy it! Savour the sweetness that is the pancake topping! Why torture yourself with the sour taste of plastic lemons when you can slop syrup all over your chin with wild abandon?

They had English pancakes at the nursery yesterday, but apparently Jack wouldn't touch them. After supper last night, I gave Jack a "Canadian" pancake.

Being part Canadian, his stomach must reside in the Canadian half.

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