Thursday 23 March 2006

just say no

My little boy has recently learned how to shake his head "no", which has been making me giggle to no end. I love it when he shakes his head when he knows he's about to do something naughty. For example, Jack's got a fixation with splashing around in Jasper's water bowl; whenever he goes near it, I usually say "No, Jack". Now when he approaches it, he stops, looks at me, and shakes his head "no" with a cheeky smile. It doesn't actually prevent him from doing the deed, mind you.

I forgot to mention another first from last weekend: Jack now has his first pair of proper shoes. Now that he's toddling about a lot more and they take the kids outdoors at nursery, he was in need of sturdy footwear. I can't have my son gallivanting about in socks. He is the proud owner of "Fozzie" shoes from Clarks, size 4G. The saleslady wanted to see him walk in them to make sure they fit properly, but Jack was so taken by his new shoes that he just stood there, held his foot up and stared at it, grinning. Perhaps he's inherited his mother's fascination with shoe shopping.

And finally, yet another friend has announced her pregnancy. A woman from our antenatal group told us that she's 11 weeks pregnant (her daughter is about a week older than Jack). I think I'm gonna have a lot of cards and presents to buy come Autumn.

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