Thursday 10 April 2003

your questions answered

Another month, another vast list of search strings leading to this site. Not wanting to disappoint the Googlers, here are some answers to your queries.

"how get tipsy from eating pasta": 1) Eat pasta. 2) Drink a bottle of wine. 3) Repeat.

"how heavy is the cn tower": Very. No, really!

"how much do passports cost to go to paris": If you need to purchase a passport, you may be embarking in something slightly illegal. I'm not a solicitor, but I'm pretty sure you don't buy passports to go to other countries unless you've done something very naughty.

"how will smoking hurt to open business": I suppose it won't, unless you're opening up a pharmacy or centre for the asthmatic.

"who sang it's raining men": Chris Walsh, on a bike rack, 2001.

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