Thursday 17 April 2003

it's raining chocolate

To the person who left a big pile of chocolate Eastery things in our office kitchen today: I hate you. Don't you know that I have no willpower? Gaaaaaah.

So we've got the car packed full of birthday presents for the nieces and other assorted goodies for the weekend. It's beautiful and sunny oustide, it's the day before a four day weekend, and as you can well imagine, I have absolutely no motivation to get any work done today. I feel like I've got the attention span of a cocker spaniel: "What's going on outside? Oooh sunny! Must get work done. Hey look, a bird! Okay, really must get work done. Wowie, that new building across the way sure is shiney! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" I suppose the 30 lbs. of chocolate and sugar coursing through my system probably isn't helping. Which reminds me, I need to go to the kitchen to Yes, that's it. Water.

Before I leave you all for the beautiful scenery and splendour of Kent for the long weekend, I will pass along this bit of wisdom. To all mothers of small children: you know when you lean over to your kid when it's sitting in its stroller and you make odd noises, facial expressions, and gesticulations in public places? You are not being cute and funny; people will think that you're clinically insane. I saw a woman do this at Tesco the other day - she suddenly stopped in the middle of the cheese and fresh pasta aisle and jumped in front of her kid (I'm sure scaring the bejeezus out of it), and went "Googoogoogoogoogoogoooooo! Boooboobooboobooboobooo!" while bobbing up and down like those plastic water drinking birds. This went on for at least five minutes. I know that it doesn't take much to entertain kids, but for goodness sake, don't traumatise the poor thing.

And on that note, have a fantastico long weekend, everyone. Eat lots of chocolate and what you don't eat, give to me.

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