Wednesday 9 April 2003

faith is restored

Chris G. suggested that I send a note round to our office in Chalfont about sponsoring me, and what a fabulous idea that was! Here I was, being polite in a Canadian kind of way (I thought it would seem obnoxious and pushy to send a note to the other office as I don't know many people there), when I should have been a little more forward. I am very pleased to say that two fantastic women (whom I have never met) have not only sponsored me, but they have sent notes of encouragement. My spirits are lifted today - it just took a couple of people to say, "What a cool thing you're doing. Good luck!" (And of course many thanks to those of you who have done that - I'm definitely not saying no one's been positive so far.)

Oooh, and my manager Vel has donated �50 today as well. Woowoowoo!

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