Wednesday 2 April 2003

i'm pretty sure we're all speaking english

While watching "What Not to Wear" (a delightfully bitchy programme in which a pair of women bully a selected victim into throwing away all her old clothes, then send her on a �2,000 shopping spree whilst barking out "PUT THAT HIDEOUS DRESS BACK ON THE RACK" periodically), Paul and I experienced a bit of a language barrier. I said to him, "Is this the episode with the woman who's a jock?". The following conversation ensued:


"No, a jock. Sporty."

"What? A Scottish Spice Girl?"

[laughter due to thinking that Paul is deliberately pulling my leg] "A jock! Sporty! A person who plays sports!"

[confused/my girlfriend is completely insane look appears on Paul's face]

Apparently, the term "jock" isn't used in the same context here. I learn something new every day.

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