Wednesday 9 April 2003

now seating the pity party, table for one

I admit, I was feeling a bit disillusioned, disappointed, and downright pouty yesterday. Everything was put right by a hug and sympathy from Paul, and the fact that What Not to Wear was on and it made me giggle. What can I say, I'm a simple gal.

In other news, Paul spent ages trying to rid my computer of an evil little program. While browsing the Internet, something called Hotbar installed itself on my machine. Yes, how lovely, I know. I kept getting popups every few minutes, and software like PopupKiller couldn't stop it. Hotbar also installed this thing called Free Scratch and Win, which ended up being a complete bugga to remove. Although listed in the Add/Remove Programs dialogue (as something called nCase), it also installs a randomly-named exe file in your Windows/System32 folder. After digging through all my files and registry, Paul noticed this file (it's not got an icon, which makes it look rather suspicious), deleted it, and now all is well. I'm more than just a little annoyed that Norton didn't stop this file from downloading, and that there is even software like this about.

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