Tuesday 22 April 2003

in a post-bunny haze

I swear, I thought it was Monday today. Not that I'm complaining, mind you - it's always nice to be further into the work week than you thought. We had a fantastic weekend in Kent, wherein Paul's nieces still thought I was worth clinging to (carried over from the last visit) and much wine and food was consumed. I think that there is absolutely nothing better than a roast turkey dinner cooked by a Mum (or at least, there is nothing better than anything cooked by my Mom or Paul's). Hoooo yeah.

I think we are definitely getting a dog. We have to because we have a name picked out already. We stocked up on some books and read through loads of info about training, care, and everything else we need to know about having a Lab. One of the great things about being an immigrant girl is that I own nothing irreplaceable that little puppies might chew. I purged my apartment of all my worldly possessions before I moved here (in two big ass garage sales), and now live in a fully furnished flat with my few belongings. So, if the puppy is going to chew anything, it'll probably belong to Paul. We are likely going to go with crate training, so the pup will stay in his crate for a couple of hours until we can get home from work, and hopefully that will reduce the risk of finding teeth marks on every surface of the house. I think things will work out well - we already have dogsitters (Paul's parents have already volunteered for when we go away on holidays) and we are able to work from home when necessary or at least get home from work in around 10 minutes. I am beyond thrilled about the idea of getting a dog. I promise not to dress it up in silly outfits or refer to myself as its "Mummy". I also promise not to make stupid noises at it when I'm in Tesco. I can't promise that I won't post a bazillion pictures of him on this site, though.

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