Tuesday 8 April 2003

ah, that would be the sound of crickets

I'm a bit disappointed. I sent a message around my office today, asking people to sponsor me for the half marathon I'm doing in May. Now, I'm not going to bitch and moan that no one sponsored me because I did get a few responses (10 people in total so far, although 3 are from our other office in Chalfont), but I think I expected more enthusiasm from everyone. It's bad enough that people take the piss out of me when they see me running (I've been training at lunchtimes a few times a week since January), but I thought more people would be keen to sponsor me. I think the team that did a one mile fun run last year had quite a good response, so maybe that's why I thought I'd get the same. Jack (bless his little cotton cycling shorts) posted a message to the Convergys gang on my behalf, and no one has responded.

Forget about whether or not I'm miss popular at this office or my old office - maybe I'm being a Pollyanna, but I thought loads of people would be happy to shell out a couple of quid for breast cancer research. I couldn't have made it easier; people can either donate directly online or just send me a note saying how much they want to donate (i.e. they don't have to leave their desks and fill out the sponsorship form or give me any money). God help me if our kids ever have to sell chocolate bars or Girl Guide cookies. Cambridge offices ain't gonna fork over the cash (although to be honest, I hate it when people peddle stuff on their kid's behalf at the office). I sent notes around to people back home and friends here, and I'm not really expecting donations - but don't get me wrong 'cos they would be nice. ;) I did think that I'd have much more luck asking around my office and Convergys, though. That's what's disappointing.

So, a mega huge thank you to those of you who used PayPal to send me a donation (you can now donate directly to the charity online - see the link above). Considering two of you who donated have never even met me in person, you will surely get all sorts of good karma back for this. Super doopa thanks to those 10 from Citrix. Some of you are expecting lots of pictures of chicks in bras in return for your sponsorship, but I can't really fault you for that. Sincerely, you have my heartfelt thanks.

I think perhaps this has just been a bit of a crap day. When I went out running at lunch, I was mauled by some guy's overenthusiastic Labrador and builders catcalled me (why do they always do that and why does this seem to be an international phenomenon?). This isn't one of those "oh so this is why I've been putting myself through muscular hell and blisters for four months" days. Feh.

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