Wednesday 23 April 2003

i'm mellllltiiiiinnnnnggg

To get us in a sunny, tropical mood for our California holiday (we leave 3 weeks today YAY!!), I have been sitting in a sauna on a daily basis. Did I say "sauna"? Sorry, I meant my office. It seems that we're having temperature issues in here, and our room has been plagued with a lack of air circulation since we moved in here last year. A thermometer was placed in this room yesterday to see how hot it's been getting, and for two days running, we've gotten up to a balmy 29C (that's like 85F to my American friends). We've threatened to show up in Speedos and bikinis if this doesn't improve and trust me, it won't be a pretty sight. On the plus side, I'm sure that I'm sweating away the pounds while I work - I'll be supermodel thin in no time. I'll also be dehydrated and quite possibly dead, but I'll look smashing in an evening gown.

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