Monday 21 May 2007

notes from the final haul

As I head into the home stretch, for the record, I would like to note that I am:
-grumpy and exhausted. Why yes, I am looking for a fight. Why do you ask?
-starting to get a bit puffy. Not as puffy as with Jack, thankfully - I still have ankles.
-experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions regularly and they are making me irritable.
-having hideous heartburn that 300mg of ranitidine/day isn't always preventing.
-unable to eat very much at one time, and nothing too rich. What's the point of being pregnant if you can't eat like a pig? Fffft.
-still several episodes behind with Lost.
-still unable to set up the nursery because we are still sleeping in it.
-not inclined to pack a hospital bag because I'm in denial.
-worried about all sorts of irrational things. Like whether or not I'll need a hospital bag.

But on the plus side, I am:
-managing to get a fairly good night's sleep almost every night.
-keeping my blood pressure at a normal level and there is nothing of interest happening in my wee.
-very excited at the thought of trying out the birthing pool, particularly if we get a sunny day and I can watch TV and enjoy a fruity smoothie while sitting in a pool in our lounge.
-grateful for the crappy weather. I never wanted to be hugely pregnant during a heat wave.
-enjoying my days off and using the time to prepare myself/pamper myself before the birth.
-very close to having a finished en suite with a shower that doesn't require me to cock my leg like an overweight bulldog to get into it.

More exciting updates coming soon.

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