Friday 18 May 2007

i know how to grow 'em

I had a scan this morning to check on my placenta, and it isn't anywhere near my cervix, so we're all clear for takeoff. I found out that it's actually on the left hand side, which probably explains why I've always felt plenty of movement even with an anterior placenta. The baby is lying head down with her back to my right side, which has been her position of preference for weeks now. It makes sense if she likes facing the placenta on the left, as babies are supposedly wont to do. (This is why "they" say babies tend to go back-to-back if you've got an anterior placenta as they like to face it, so this is good news that mine's on the left.)

I asked the Lovely Sonographer Lady (they really are so much nicer this time) to see if she could tell if the placenta had grown into the uterine wall (i.e. my scar), but she said it wasn't something they can usually detect by ultrasound. She did have a look and said the placenta looked complete to her, and judging by its position, felt it wasn't near where my scar would be.

We got to see Beanie's face, arms, feet, and girly bits (very obvious this time!) and she's growing right on schedule - just 1 day ahead of my EDD. Estimated weight is 5lbs 13oz at the moment, so she could end up around the same birth weight as Jack (roughly 8lbs). The sonographer also did a quick anatomy check (e.g. heart, stomach, head) and she said all looked fine. The scan was more detailed than I expected; I thought they would just look at the placenta and boot me out of there. Although we didn't leave with pictures (the baby's just too big for a good photo op), we got a lovely long peek at Beanie.

Feeling much better now, thank you.

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