Saturday 26 May 2007

happy talk

These are my (current) favourite Jack moments and sayings:
-the opposite of sleeping is "awaking". For example, "I was sleeping. I awaking now."
-"I did a poo on my bicycle!" (He didn't, thankfully.)
-"Bob now." [pause to cock head and look up at me with big brown eyes] "Yeah?" [nods]
-the Bob the Builder theme tune goes like this: "Bob the builder...YES! HE! CAN!" (and it's great fun to sing it to the builders working on the en suite)
-we went upstairs to look at the finished en suite, and Jack shouted out "I like it! I like the taps! WOW!"
-Jack wanted me to lift him up so he could see over the garden fence. I told him I couldn't lift him because he's too heavy for mummy. Jack thought for a moment and said "Tuggle, mummy." I bent down and gave him a cuddle, only to feel his feet scrambling to climb up on my knee so that I would have to carry him. Smart little monkey.
-"What do you want to watch today, Jack?" "NEWS!" (no, I don't get it either)
-"I'm eating Jasper! Mmmm nice!"
-"I hurt my eyes on the window. I'm okay now."
-[as I'm putting on my makeup in the morning] "Wot's dat?" "Mascara." "Scara?" "Ma-scara." "Your scara!"

And my absolute favourite:
-Jack insists on seeing my belly every day, and always gives "the baby" a hug ("I tuggle the baby") and a kiss. Then he takes great delight in trying to stick his finger in my weird pregnant belly button, which just freaks me out (thus making him want to do it more.)

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