Wednesday 16 May 2007

be prepared

Right, it's time to get organised. My due date is one month from today (give or take), and no amount of cute baby girl outfits will make up for the lack of essentials. My replacement birth pool liners are on their way in the next day or so, the TENS machine is arriving in the next two weeks, I've written my birth plans and given them to my midwife, the waterproof mattress protector will be safely tucked under my enormous backside tonight, and the bathroom installation guys are here right now and claim I will have a shiny new en suite by the end of the week. This means not having to hoist my leg over the side of the tub to get into the shower in the family bathroom anymore. Trust me, that isn't a pretty sight.

I am still convinced that our girl will arrive fashionably late, so I'm by no means eagerly anticipating labour to occur in the near future. It's just nice to get some things done in preparation. Still have loads left to do like cook things and put them in little freezer bags, but it's a good start. I suppose I should pack a hospital bag soon, just in case. Must remember to pack a rope and crowbar to jimmy open the hospital window in case I need to escape.

Cute Jack moment yesterday. I sat on the sofa and started to eat an apple, then Jack climbed up next to me and the following conversation ensued:
"Apple, please."
"Mummy will share her apple with you. Do you want a bite?"
"Yeah. Mummy share apple." [takes a chomp] "Want a bite? Here go!" [hands apple back to me and I take a bite]
"I want bite now, please." [I hand the apple to Jack] "Mmm nice! Want a bite? Here go!"
[this incredibly polite exchange continues until the apple is down to its core]

Makes a nice change from the usual shouty one word demands, like "BOB! BOB NOW!" (The Builder, that is)

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