Tuesday 8 May 2007

enjoying it while i still have an income

Maternity leave update: have watched all recorded episodes of "Desperate Housewives" but am now five episodes behind with "Lost" (don't even ask how many "Battlestar Galacitca" episodes I have recorded), my son has given me a miserable cold, my husband made the best roast chicken dinner ever on Sunday, I'm seeing a homeopath who thinks the baby will have a calm demeanor (one can only hope) but will arrive late (typical girl), and it's 9.30 in the morning and I have a craving for Burger King.

Riveting stuff, eh?

On Saturday night, the girls and I went to Graffiti at the Hotel Felix in Cambridge. It's modern and inviting, staffed by attentive (if not a little bit loopy) waitpersons. I had crab spring rolls to start, that unfortunately came with two trends that are currently driving me nuts: foam and gelatin cubes. Maybe I'm unsophisticated, but foam always reminds me of cuckoo spit and looks completely unappetising. More importantly, the foam that came with my spring rolls added no identifiable flavour (it was supposedly apple) which just reinforced my theory that it's unnecessary. The jelly cubes, although flavoursome, also didn't add anything of note to the dish. Like the tiny towers of food on gigantic white plates of the 80s, purposeless foam and jelly cubes irk me to no end. The spring rolls themselves were lovely however, leading nicely to my main course of grilled duck breast, herbed mashed potatoes, and sauteed cabbage. Dessert for all of us was a chocolate fondant with raspberry sorbet. When Tosha told the waiter that we were having "chocolate fondant all around", the waiter thought she meant one between three of us. I'm guessing he doesn't spend a lot of time around groups of women. The wine waiter was hilarious, and kept trying to fill my glass with prosecco despite being told numerous times that I'm heavy with child. Europeans are slightly more lax about alcohol intake during pregnancy (continental Europeans even more so), but I'm pretty sure that no one condones several glasses in one evening. Or maybe I just looked like I really needed several drinks and he was trying to do me a favour. At any rate, it was agreed that we would like to take him home in our pocket because he was so darn cute.

And in other culinary news, my mom sent a parcel last week containing more supplies of Kraft Dinner. No foam or cubes, thanks.

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