Thursday 3 May 2007

dare i say it?

I'm actually feeling good today. I had a decent night's sleep, nothing hurts too much, the heartburn isn't too bad (I *heart* Ranitidine), and I managed to do the weekly shop at Tesco without killing anyone. I'm on a roll. I saw my lovely midwife today who informed me that Beanie has her head down and back to my side (stay baby, STAY) and all is well with me. Long may this last.

On the Jack front, he keeps coming up with things that crack me up to no end. He'll hug me and if I say, "I like cuddles" he'll respond "I like tuggles!" This leads to a debate of who likes cuddles best and gets louder and gigglier until we stop. I love our early morning conversations, too; they're surreal until you realise what he's talking about. Take this morning, for example:
"I in the water! On a boat! Jasper in the water! Splash!" (said while sitting on Paul's leg.)

We realised that he was talking about seeing boats on the river and watching Jasper swim when he took Jasper for a walk with Paul on the weekend. Up until that point, we did a lot of smiling while nodding as enthusiastically as you can first thing in the morning. Then comes the "Ohhhhhhh!" moment when it all clicks into place, until the next abstract conversation. I love it.

Maternity leave continues to go well. On the agenda tomorrow: pub lunch and a visit to a homeopath. Am thinking one may contradict the other.

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