Thursday 19 February 2004

what's in a name?

Whilst looking through the email address list at work yesterday (we were bored), we had a good giggle over some of the names we found. Granted, you can't do much about your last name (except women can try to trade up to a better one when they get married) but a bad first name is no one's fault but your parent's. I very narrowly escaped being cursed with a ridiculous name (my Dad wanted to name me Muffin), but luckily I have a mother who is sensible in that respect. I cannot believe some of the names people come up with - Chardonnay, Indigo, Sienna. Trust me, they will all grow up to be porn stars with names like that.

So, this is my vow: I promise not to inflict a stupid name on our child. I cannot guarantee that I won't come up with stupid pet names (i.e. terms of endearment, not names for an actual pet).

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