Friday 6 February 2004

no room in the inn

Further to Wednesday's post, I am also convinced that pregnancy was not designed with women in mind. Looking at pictures of the baby's development inside the body, I don't quite see where your internal organs are supposed to go in later stages of pregnancy. From what I can gather, it looks like your stomach, diaphragm, lungs, and heart have to relocate to somewhere around your chin for the last two months. And what is this business about not being able to breathe properly in month 8? I'm no doctor, but the mother's ability to breathe must be a fundamental part of the baby's development. Then there's birth. An entire baby is supposed to come out of an opening that's normally the size of a 50p coin? Surely you jest.

If we were designed to carry babies and give birth in any sort of comfort, our torsos would be hollow and we'd have some sort of opening that would allow something bigger than a citrus fruit to pass through. Further proof that god must be a man, if you ask me.

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