Thursday 19 February 2004

they'll take away my moose

I am a bad Canadian. I only just discovered that we have a new prime minister. Not only did I not know about the election, I didn't even know the leader of the country of my birth had changed, for goodness sake. Now, what does that tell you about the visibility of Canadian (major) news items outside of North America? I read the BBC site on a regular basis, but I think I need to keep the CBC site bookmarked from now on. During the last election, I actually voted by post so that I could still feel like I'm part of my homeland. I still say "oot" and "aboot" (much to Paul's delight), I call cheese slices Kraft Singles, I still get excited when I see a Canadian on TV (and must point it out to anyone who's listening), and I have a little plastic moose on top of my monitor. I pine for This Hour has 22 Minutes, I get frustrated when I can't crack jokes related to Tim Horton's or SCTV because no one knows what I'm talking about, and I was the only one giggling like a loon in the cinema when they showed the moose in trailers for "Brother Bear". And I am vexed at the fact that the Blogger spellchecker wants to replace "CBC" with "CBS". I have not been totally assimilated yet; I just don't look at enough news resources.

I'm sorry, Canada. I didn't even visit you last Christmas.

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