Wednesday 4 February 2004

breaking into the window of opportunity

It's amazing. With all the chemical and physical barriers present in the female body, it's astounding that we get pregnant at all. I was reading my book last night (I know I said not to read too much, but I'm just sticking to one book for now) and went through the section about conception. So if I understand this correctly, there is a 12-24 hour period per month (if I am actually ovulating) in which I may become pregnant if one of Paul's 2,000 sperms (that are no more than roughly 24 hours old) makes it through, and if the fertilized egg actually takes hold and implants itself.


I can see why women drive themselves mental trying to get the timing right (and how it's so easy for the whole process to become such a chore for her partner). I've started to chart my cycles mostly out of curiosity, and perhaps later, out of necessity. When it's time, my mantra will be "go for it and see what happens". In the meantime, I really must stop reading the sections about labour and birth because they're freaking me out.

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