Wednesday 25 February 2004

just making sure that you're paying attention

I was getting bored with the colours I've been using on this site lately, so I changed a few things. One day, I'll come up with a decent design and tidy up this entire site. One day...if I'm ever housebound for weeks on end with nothing to do or wind up in a prison with an Internet connection.

There's this thing called The Bloggies happening now. While I'm not really keen on events that commend the same three bloggers year after year, there are a few very good blogs nominated this year that are worth checking out (ScorpioGirl being one of them). There are, of course, The Anti-Bloggies. How can you not love a site that has a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich on its opening screen? Exactly.

I can't offer any prizes, nor will getting recognition on this site lead to a fantastic job opportunity, the love of your life, or allow you to lose weight without dieting or exercise (I also have no idea where to get cheap Viagra or how to get you out of debt. Sorry.). What I can offer is this: a few words extolling the virtues of your blog, summarised in a slightly amusing category. Don't let it go to your head, and don't forget the little people. So now, without further ado, here are a few blogs that you may have overlooked but should really visit.

The "Don't Read This if You're Hungry" award goes to Blork Blog: Ed gave me My Very First Tech Writing Job© (from Kenner), but that's not why I've singled him out here. His vivid descriptions of the meals he makes along with the odd photograph makes his blog the tastiest thing on the Internet. On top of that, it's simply a well written, interesting, and diverse blog.

The "Thanks for Motivating Me to Keep Up My French" award goes to I am not putting this site here just because its author just happens to be Ed's better half - I liked her writing even before they got together so nyaaaah! Martine's blog is written in French and English, which has helped me to keep up my French skills (such as they are). She's a self-proclaimed Geek Girl, with a fascinating list of jobs under her belt (she's been on TV, you know!), who writes thoughtful and insightful blog entries.

The "Slightly Insane but Incredibly Cute and Funny" award goes to Quickos Daily News: It's a blog written by a hand puppet. I don't think I've seen a funnier and more original blog. Go see what I mean.

The "I Wish My Blog Looked This Good and I Wrote About More Interesting Things" award goes to Burnt Toast: Well designed, great photographs, excellent writing on a wide variety of topics, this blog makes mine look like it was rejected by KMart.

Don't get me wrong; I think everyone in my links list is well worth a read. I actually visit every one of those sites on a regular basis (except for you people who don't update very often - for shame) and I think each one is brilliant. I very rarely go through the links on other people's sites, so I thought it would be nice to highlight a few here. Now go off and do some reading. Shoo.

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