Wednesday 4 February 2004

my corns are achin'

Why is it that the older I get, the more sickly I become? I am always feeling slightly poorly. I'm either tired, my RSI/allergies/contact lenses/PMS/tummy is bothering me, or I think I'm coming down with a cold...or all of the above, if I'm lucky. I'm not sure if I was healthier when I was younger, or just not aware of how I felt. It must be the latter because I used to take such bad care of myself, there's no way I was healthier back then (e.g. I shamefully admit that I have, more than once, continued to smoke when I had bronchitis).

Well, that's it. I'm fed up with noticing every ache and pain in my body. From now on, my handbag will be well stocked with codeine and vodka and I shall never ache again.*

*I'm kidding about the booze and pills. I'll just stop moaning about everything, which Paul should greatly appreciate.

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