Thursday 5 February 2004

the first sign of the apocalypse

So Janet Jackson flashes a boob during the half time show of the Superbowl, and American morality goes into rapid decline. Yes. Well. It's not like she dangled a baby over a balcony in Germany, is it? Had she bit the head off Justin Timberlake, perhaps that would be something to complain about. (Or giggle at, depending on your point of view.)

Over here, we've had a slight uproar (in the British sense, of course) regarding John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten's recent outburst on live television. Apparently, the "C word" is not something that should be shouted at Ant and Dec, although most of us would debate that point. Frankly, I find Jordan's ludicrously inflated chest and vapid personality more offensive.

Considering the fact that last week's episode of ER (which probably aired four months ago in North America) showed a woman topless as she was being treated, what's the big hoohah about Janet Jackson?

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