Tuesday 3 February 2004

we have a cunning plan

One night in bed, Paul and I curled up together in the dark and talked about babies. We had talked about having kids before, so we knew that it was something we both wanted, but we didn't talk about when. Two months before my 35th. birthday, I thought it would be a good time to start talking about when. So we curled up together in the dark and talked.

Hence, here we are at the beginning of the Paul and Lisa Have a Baby story.

I am not usually one for making plans, I'm more of a diving in head first without noticing that the pool is empty kind of gal. It's a bit unusual for me to be so keen about preparing ourselves for parenthood, but some instinct buried deep within my genetic programming is compelling me to make plans - and stick to them.

Stage one: getting fightin' fit, saving money, and doing research

In the next few months, I want to lose that last stone that's been overstaying its welcome and build up more muscular and cardio strength. I'm going to the doctor's office next week to see if I'm immune against German Measles and to do a diabetes check (it runs in my family). I'll be putting more money into my super secret savings account per month than usual and letting my stock options vest. We need to estimate out how much time off work I'll need and how much that will cost minus the maternity benefits. Finally, I've done quite a bit of reading. Which leads me to my next point.

Tip #1: don't read too much

I've read various articles, books, and web sites about conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. I'm now more confused than when I didn't know very much about this whole pregnancy thing. Some "experts" suggest that you eat at least two portions of oily fish per week, such as tuna. Others warn against eating certain fish more than once a week, such as tuna. Some say that waiting a longer period of time will improve your partner's sperm count. Others say to go at it like teenage rabbits during your fertile weeks as waiting decreases the quality of the sperm. Some say to hoist up your legs and put a pillow under your butt for 20 minutes afterwards. Others say this is rubbish and accomplishes nothing. A bit of caffeine and one or two units of alcohol is fine. Don't go near caffeine or alcohol. In fact, if you live near a Starbuck's MOVE, YOU BAD MOTHER.

One thing I've read that has helped was in the introduction to a book I'm reading by Dr. Miriam Stoppard. She said that more women are having babies around 35 and that this is advantageous in several ways. We're more financially stable, in more solid relationships, and more self assured than we were in our 20s. We've worked our way up to a career that fulfils us, and that allows us the flexibility to take some time off and return when we're ready.

So here we go...

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