Wednesday 7 January 2004

tell us where to go

It's that time of year - it's grey, drizzly, and I'm at home with a miserable cold feeling sorry for myself. It's time to plan this year's vacation.

I'm leaning towards Italy (not literally...although if Italy is located towards the back of our sofa, then I am) because it has so much of what we love: good food, good wine, beautiful scenery, and interesting things to see and do. We are not big on those baking yourself under the sun until you're an unhealthy shade of beef jerky type holidays, nor do we want to go anywhere near the English holiday hotspots (Ibizia, Corfu, Tenerife, etc.). We don't have unlimited funds or unlimited time off, so places like New Zealand and Japan are probably not feasible (although I would love to visit both countries one day). So, here's your chance to tell us where to go - any great holiday suggestions are most appreciated. Destinations such as Butlins, Centre Parks, or Blackpool will not be considered, unfortunately (but we thank you anyway).

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