Monday 5 January 2004


We (and the rest of the free world) went to Ikea on Friday, and this is part of what we bought:

How grown up; we own a sideboard! We have things on display! Paul assembled this thing on the weekend, using those fabulous Ikea instructions that only make sense to the person who wrote them, his mother, and a guy in Slovakia who, after an alien abduction, developed a sixth sense for pictograms that science simply cannot explain. To be fair, Ikea have improved their assembly instructions slightly. They used to show a picture of all the parts included in the pack with a giant arrow pointing to a picture of the finished product, and somehow we were supposed to figure out where each part goes. No wonder most of the furniture I owned throughout the 90s stood at an odd angle. At least now the instructions are made up of several pictures and arrows, that shows you how to assemble the product step-by-step.

We also bought a large L-shaped desk and flooring for the study, which can only mean one thing - we're doing more DIY again. Stay tuned for pictures, tales about crippled hands, and more fun with Ikea instructions.

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