Thursday 22 January 2004

food, glorious food

Anyone who knows me (or has been reading this blog for a few months) knows that I hate the diet mentality that has afflicted most of the western world at some point (myself included). When did we stop enjoying food? Why is deprivation and food group elimination a necessity to be "healthy"?

Martine pointed out this fantastic article called "Why it's rude to diet in public". After having endured an evening of listening to someone drone on about their diet and why they couldn't eat anything in the restaurant, this article made me smile. This bit, in particular, should probably be glued to every woman's fridge door:

"...but in France, a woman's weight is less important to her overall aura of attractiveness than how she carries herself, dresses, and plays up her flirtatious features. 'Most women are concerned about their weight, but it doesn't affect how they feel about themselves,' Claire Weyl, an attorney, told me over a 1 1/2-hour lunch break. 'We eat with pleasure. We don't feel guilty about what we eat, and we don't feel guilty about our bodies.'"

How wonderful to eat without guilt and simply enjoy the pleasure of a good meal. Surely that must be the definition of "healthy eating".

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